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Better Breathing Sport Vs Competitors

The Breathing Technique Every Athlete Needs to Know About!

Jul 18, 2022

Ray Klerck


Getting a sporting edge over your competition comes in many forms. Supplements. Nutrition. Training routines. While these are all fantastically effective, many serious athletes overlook their most powerful performance enhancers. The lungs. Your working muscles need oxygen to fuel every step. If you have even a slightly reduced lung capacity, you short change every part of your athletic prowess. Even if your breathing is your strong point, expanding your lung power can still earn you serious sporting improvements. You just need to train your breath the smart way. Luckily, you can blow up your lung capacity using the Better Breathing Sport, but is it the best option? Keep reading to find out.

Why You Could Have Reduced Lung Capacity

Don’t have to be a smoker to have reduced breathing power. Air pollution kills 4 million people every year. Even household air pollution can give you reduced lung function, says new research [2]. Fortunately, you’ve got an in-built protection system: the mucociliary escalator. Like the screen protector on your phone, mucus shields your lungs and airways against pollutants and irritants. Trouble is, sometimes you can’t remove the mucus. This can reduce your lung function and set you a step behind your competition.

Air pollution isn’t the only cause. Things like illness, poor posture and obesity can cause shortness of breath or fatigue. These don’t always apply to a competitive athlete chasing a PB each week. However, the treatments for reduced lung function can amplify every athlete’s ability to deliver more oxygen to their working muscles. This is nothing new and athletes are investing in these aerobic exercise amplifiers, but which is best?

The Old Ways to Breathe Stronger

Priming your internal engine room for peak performance starts with your lungs. These are some of the most widely used methods for doing this.  

  1. Altitude Training
    Here you’ll train at high altitudes where the oxygen is reduced, forcing your body to adapt by increasing the haemoglobin in your blood. This tends to last just 5-12 days [3] and you need to train at altitude for 3-4 weeks so costs can reach into the thousands. 
  2. Hypoxic Training
    This altitude training at sea level, done in a chamber with reduced oxygen and a lowered atmospheric pressure. You can also sleep in altitude tents but it’s uncertain how well this works and the expensive costs may not fit everyone’s budget.
  3. Hypoxic Masks
    You’ll strap this mask to your face and run on a treadmill. They reduce the amount of air you can inhale and research [4] found they only slightly improve aerobic fitness. Their marginal effectiveness means they’re less of an effective training aid and more of a Halloween mask.

The New Way To Breath Stronger For Sports

From the above it’s clear getting your lungs in shape can be max cost for minimal benefit. Fortunately, Better Breathing Sport offers a world first solution to improve your athletic performance. It works by getting you to inhale as normal then as you exhale into the mouthpiece, resistance is created which vibrates a steel ball.

Better Breathing Sport creates an initial resistance which splints the airways open to improve carbon dioxide removal for improved o2 and co2 gas exchange. The device’s vibration rattles the airway walls to shake loose any congestion or blockages. This allows for an improved oxygen delivery system, similar to a plumber clearing the pipes. 

This may help eject excess airway congestion that may be dulling your aerobic fitness. What’s more, it strengthens the pathways that get more oxygen to your lungs. This oxygen is sent to your working muscles to improve your sports performance. Think of it as burpees for your breathing, yet is easy enough to do anywhere, any time. Even while sat at your desk or while lounging on your favourite sofa.

Better Breathing Sport: The Forever Solution

The Better Breathing Sport device never runs out, can be done anywhere and is made tough enough to give you benefits for years to come. You just train as normal and use the device during your down time. These are the sporting rewards you can expect to receive:

1. Improve your training times
2. Heighten your energy levels
3. Get better sleep quality
4. Accelerate your recovery
5. Train for longer
6. Breathe easier

    You don’t need to be an elite athlete to enjoy these benefits. Anyone, at any age, even kids, can use the Better Breathing Sport device and apply its lung boosting benefits to their sport. Whether you’re a runner, lifter or footy player you’ll get more highly oxygenated blood to your muscles, so you’ve got the best chance of being seconds ahead of your competition. You’ll be clearer chested, breathe easier and get the lung power that’ll get you across every finish line faster. It truly is the difference you’ll feel.  


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