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Who Are We?

Visionaries for naturally excelled sporting

Better Breathing Sports started in 2021 with our passionate sporting founders wanting to make a change in the Sports world through improved breathing. They shared the vision to offer people new opportunities and a better quality of life worldwide.

Better Breathing Sports’ plan is to achieve our vision through the below strategies:

• Product: The Better Breathing Sport has the potential to help enhance the quality of life on a global scale through improved lung health and fitness, opening up new opportunities for many.

• Community Involvement: Better Breathing Sport is and will continue to invest in community initiatives that have the potential to help change people’s lives, helping offer new opportunities, friendships, and a better quality of life.

By combining these strategies, Better Breathing hopes to help make a positive influence in our community and globally, through both direct and indirect involvement in people’s lives.  

The Better Breathing Sport came about after identifying that while athletes require breathing to live but it is one of the key factors for health and performance. Once breathing is optimised athletes have the ability to work out and perform longer but more importantly, they can work out and perform more comfortably.  

After various soft launches, the overall feedback from a variety of sports people including; swimmers, runners, cyclists, and other sports people was incredibly positive we knew we had to launch the product as soon as possible!


Read what our customers are saying about
Better Breathing Sport

“We often neglect one of the most important systems our body has, our respiratory system is what keeps the body moving at optimal pace and effort. I’ve been using the sports device for several weeks now and have noticed a considerable increase in lung health and capacity.”

Phil LindsayMasters Swimming Medallist - Australia

“My cousin is a swimmer and must learn to hold his breath for a good amount of time. I gifted him this lung exercise trainer and he said it has helped him a lot. It’s easy to use and super easy to clean.”

Brenda NunezOnline Review

“I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone, someone who is looking for better performance for sports or someone like me just looking to have clearer lungs. Amazing product.”

Jake LucasOnline Review

“A simple but genius piece of kit for improving your physical performance. The components are very easy to clean by dismantling and then reassembling in no time at all. I've been using this device for 3 months now and I can't fault it. A very recommended company to buy from”

Emma BlackmoreUnited Kingdom

“Great device helps exercise the lungs has improved my breathing by strengthening my lungs and increasing my capacity”

Graeme ChamberlainAustralia

“Simple device to use, keeps my chest clear and improves my exercise performance”

Steven RobsonAustralia

"It sends some vibrations down into your lungs and helps loosen some of the phlegm and other nasties that you might be getting on your chest after colds or flu or just excessive training. It is a brilliant, brilliant product. You get to use it at your desk, so you can kind of feel like you’re training your lungs while you’re at work!"

Ray KlerckPersonal Trainer