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How to Unlock Your Athletic Potential with Better Breathing

How to Unlock Your Athletic Potential with Better Breathing

Jul 18, 2022

Ray Klerck

Your lungs are the engine room of peak performance. If they’re not trained the way you condition your muscles, you can easily turn those training miles into junk repetitions. Fortunately, it’s easy to get a respiratory edge over your competition by regularly using the Better Breathing Sport.

It naturally clears the congestion from your lungs, while strengthening your breathing muscles and increase your air volume. This leads to clearer airways that make it easier for you to breathe both while you train and while you recover. What’s more, it’s super simple to use and can be taken anywhere. So how does it work and how can you get the best out of your device once you have it?

Pre and Post Training to Accelerate Your Breathing

You can perfectly prime your lungs for a workout by using the Better Breathing Sport 30-minutes before training. Post workout is another excellent time to use the device. Exercise that’s accelerated your breathing and heart rate up will have readied your lungs for improvement. Use the device, as per the instructions where you take deep breaths, while you sit upright and decompress after your workouts.

Deep breathing, such as this, is able to lower your stress hormone, cortisol, and help you get back to a state where you’re able to focus your attention better, says research in Frontiers in Psychology [1]. The device will help calm your body down after training. This resets you back to your pre-exercise state by helping you to take deep, deliberate breaths. Your nervous system will be calmed which may help your recovery process. It’s the smart way to be good to go for tomorrow’s workout.

The Vibrations Improve Your Pipes

The Better Breathing Sport can be taken anywhere, making it a vital recovery aid you can use anytime. The secret is long term training, where you use it 1-2 times per day for roughly 2-3 minutes at a time, doing 10 reps of blowing into it for 3-5 seconds. This means you can even employ it at work while you sit, or stand upright, at your desk. It’s not so noisy that it’ll attract the attention of your co-workers. However, if you feel self-conscious about it, just use it outside on your break.

This is a convenient way to improve your sports performance during your work day. You can look forward to the vibrating rhythm making your chest feel instantly clearer. You’re left to enjoy receiving more oxygen to your working muscles when you train and to your brain when you work. It’s possibly the most productive 5 minutes you can spend at the office.

Reduce the Impact of Air Pollution

If you’re exercising in a polluted inner-city environment, especially if you’re running or cycling next to a road, using the Better Breathing Sport device may be a vital recovery aid. Clocking up road miles means you may have breathed in some unhygienic air particles. These won’t do your fitness any favours. In fact, a paper in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine [2] found exercising in a polluted air environment prevented athletes from training at their peak and reduced their overall performance.

In the short term, this can lower your PB. In the long term, these effects can be damaging to the point where you’re doing harm because your breathing is deeper and faster. Fortunately, the mucus in your airways will have collected the damaging particles. Using the Better Breathing Sport device directly after a training session such as this, may help you expel these from your body. It truly protects you from the inside out.

Breathing Power + Flexibility = Ultimate Performance

Another smart time to use the Better Breathing Sport device is during your stretch routine. It fits almost perfectly with the best practises in limbering up. The optimum time to hold a stretch, such as touching your toes, is 30 seconds, suggests a paper in the European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine [3]. Hold that stretch any longer and it strains your nervous system.

While in a stretched position. Take a deep breath, place the device on your mouth and exhale into it for 3-5 seconds. Now watch the clock. Once 30 seconds have lapsed, switch legs or arms then repeat another breath into the device a total of 10 times. This will help you get through a five-stretch session, where you’re breathing deeply. It will benefit your lung function and help you sink deeper into your stretches. It’s a win-win for both your breathing power and flexibility. There’s probably no better way for you to prepare for tomorrow’s session.


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