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Brett Lee's Game-Changing Breathing Secret for Sports Success

Brett Lee's Game-Changing Breathing Secret for Sports Success

Feb 15, 2023

Better Breathing Sport

Brett Lee announces how to find massive improvement through increasing lung capacity with Better Breathing Sport. The lungs are the powerful engine allowing athletes to reach new heights.

No matter what sport you play, one thing is always key – your breath. Every athlete knows that the key to a great performance is a great breathing technique. With Better Breathing Sport, athletes are about to perform at a whole other level.

I’ve been using it now for several months, and straight away I’ve noticed a massive improvement in my lung capacity,” says Brett Lee. “Before I went out to bowl in the recent cricket series, I packed this in my cricket kit, and I used it, and it actually makes me feel a lot better. My sleep quality has improved dramatically! This has been a game changer for my health.


Brett Lee's Breathing Tool of Choice

Brett Lee Announcing Better Breathing Sport

The breathing tool of choice by the international cricket star, this revolutionary, and all-natural, sports breathing enhancement device provides athletes of all ages with an edge.

With options for adults and children, Better Breathing Sport is the world’s first breathing resistance device of its kind. Incorporating dual resistance ‘lung weight’ settings, the device utilises vibration for optimised lung performance to enable athletes not only more endurance, but the ability to work out and perform more comfortably. 

With the design and testing process beginning in 2021, the Better Breathing sport device has evolved into a user-friendly device that positively impacts various aspects of life and activities. Allowing optimised oxygen delivery and capacity, as well as effective lung hygiene clearance, this innovative device;

- Improves training and workout times.
- Enables athletes to gain vital time in sports.
- Increases energy levels.
- Shortens recovery times.
- Improves sleep.
- Is a great aid for other health and wellness activities, such as meditation.


    The Rapid Cough Technique

    Essentially, Better Breathing Sport's vibrations & resistance function similar to the cough mechanism however at a fast scale equating to 15-35 ‘mini-coughs’ per second when exhaling into the device. This function vibrates, pressurises, and uses wind shearing to expel congestion and improve the lung volume.

    Wanting to create change in the sporting world, the passionate founders of Better Breathing Sport have done just that. By taking on something often overlooked, their vision of improved breathing is now available worldwide.

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